Stories from After Woodstock

After Woodstock 1968

1968 was a complete blur…..the hippy scene had exploded and the Beatles had started growing their hair long. This was the first year I never went to a barber shop. Having long hair was like having a freak flag…. telling the world I’m a hippy and love LSD and pot. Peace and love and all that stuff…….If you had long hair……other like-minded folks knew they could approach you without any problems. However, the downside was the police and I am not talking about the band but the big bad police also had figured that one out and used the fact that he had long hair so was a suspected drug user and needed to be checked out. Many people were arrested for only having long hair. It didn’t matter if there was no law against long hair….it was common to hear the cops had planted some pot in one’s car. A very good friend of mine who had platinum hair down his back like Johnny Winters was traveling through Texas when he was falsely arrested and put in the local jail…..After about three days in jail, they cut all of his hair off and then released him. I remember his name…..Donny Mull. We all started experimenting with other forms of psychedelics, mushrooms, peyote and even belladonna which was very toxic. Fort Bragg became a major distribution center for drugs. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers with connection all over the world were bringing in all sorts of drugs…..It was said that at the time New York City was the number one distributor of these kinds of drugs in the world with Fayetteville NC second. At this time of my life, I always felt I was born ten years to late. Most of my favorite bands were ten years older than myself. This was the year I met and became friends of the members of the Alman Joy Band. They were a band from Macon, Georgia. They would do a six-week gig at the same nightclub in Fayetteville. The nightclub was called the Pink Pussy Cat ….. Anyway, my sister was with one of the brothers in the band, again can’t remember which one  Greg or Dwain Allman,  we all became good friends and when they weren’t playing we were dropping acid……the last time I saw them was in May of 1969. We were standing outside their motel room on I-95 They were going home to Macon Georgia and had asked my sister and I if we wanted to go with them….I wanted to but couldn’t for some reason and decided to wait for their return a couple of months later. Well, that never happened……they ended up doing a gig at the First Atlanta International Pop Festival on June 1st 1969 and then went to the moon……. They also changed their names to the Allman Brothers. I always thought that I would run into them somewhere in the world but never did. We were just moving in different circles. I met a few of guys who played with them in the later years like Les Dudec but never met the original members again. I really wanted to ask them if they remembered our time together in Fayetteville. Probably not…….so many gigs so many faces……but they probably remember the gig in Fayetteville since it was packed every night and was one of there last gigs before becoming famous.